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Dominion 1.1 Patch
Von beerihyy, 30.07.2012, 14:44

The brand new patch brings changes to eve online ships and some changes towards the interface like ?voice fonts? put into EVE Voice, which could change voice height and transform male voice to female, for example.

For  eve online ships,  Motherships will be referred to as  Supercarriers. They'll become much more resistant and can have the ability to area Fighter Bombers. Such eve online ships as  Dreadnoughts, Rorquals and Service providers using special modules (eve isk) will have the ability to improve their mass and therefore limit the result of thumping. This can change movement tactics sicne the result would be the same upon other ships, too.

The fundamental jump lenth of Supercarries will achieve 5 many years so couple of other eve online ships

will have the ability to compete within this aspect.

There's yet another bonus for  Supercarriers - shield, armor and structure hit points happen to be elevated. They now excell other eve online ships within this qualities.

Signature Radius of dreadnoughts continues to be elevated so they are nearly equal with capital eve online ships.

Modules are also transformed ? duration and fuel use of ?Triage module? happen to be cut in half.

Different weapons happen to be balanced using their turret analogs.   Citadel Cruise Missiles and Citadel Torpedoes now cause equal damage.

XL turrents happen to be slightly modified, short-range weapons convey more range now and also the damage they cause happen to be balanced.

Leaders damage bonuses also have balanced, buy isk all of the leaders do similar degree of damage. And all sorts of ships around a Titan get the bonus equally.

You'll find the entire listing of changes here ? http://world wide

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